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Business Takes Off With Grant

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A new Andover drone business has received a £750 boost from Test Valley Borough Council. After a career in technology, Forton resident, Garry Stevens has launched his own drone photography service, combining his life-long passions for aviation and photography.

AAA Tech Drone Solutions  provide aerial surveying, photography and videography services alongside 2D and 3D mapping, focusing on buildings that would otherwise be difficult to access. Garry said: “We pride ourselves on being our customers’ eye-in-the-sky and are committed to providing the best possible solutions to meet their needs. We use high quality imaging apparatus and operate professional management systems to ensure each flight gets the results they want, without sacrificing safety. In fact, safety is at the core of everything we do.

“I am very pleased to have been awarded a Business Incentive Grant. This investment will allow us to bolster our offering and bring new capabilities to our customers in 2019.”

Harewood ward member, Councillor David Drew said: “I’m delighted to present this Business Incentive Grant to Garry. It has been brilliant to hear of his plans for the business, and great to learn that he is already building up a portfolio of work. “Technology is ever-developing and Garry certainly has the right expertise. I wish him all the best.”

The Council’s Business Incentive Grants are available to anyone looking to set up their own business in Test Valley. Anyone who successfully applies for the grant will receive £750 if their business is still going strong six months later.