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Clap For Our NHS Andover Radio

Tonight at 8pm the team at Love Andover, all working separately, will be joining together to Clap For Our NHS.

95.9FM Andover Radio will link-up seven or eight of the regular voices on the local radio station just before 8pm as they separately give their thanks to everyone who is working on the frontline.

The team from Andover Radio will each give their own special thanks – from their various locations – and then give the instruction at precisely 8:00pm to start a 20-second massive round of applause for our healthcare workers, those working in dangerous conditions to keep us safe.

Morning Crew host Grant Francis says, “We hope that everyone around Andover will join this effort to give a big round of applause to people who are working under extreme conditions.”

“Make sure you have the radio on in the background tonight and we’ll give you the cue to give your huge thank you to everyone working on frontline at this difficult time.

“We’ll all be linked up so we want you open the front door, stand on your doorstep, make sure you’re two metres away from your neighbours, I’m sure you can work that out. But put your radio on and we’ll give you the cue to thank absolutely everyone.”

The radio station has been receiving phone calls from people who have had recent experience of our health service. Graham Sumner from Andover gave his thanks to the NHS on the radio yesterday after wife Samantha was rushed to Winchester A&E with a suspected case of coronavirus.

He said, “I have never seen nurses look so scared. But they were brilliant.

“I have never seen so much protective clothing. But, within 20 minutes they had taken samples and only 90 minutes later than came back with the result: no virus.”

“My wife works for the NHS,” adds radio station manager and afternoon host Craig Hicks, “We have two kids and she is genuinely scared going into work each day, not knowing who she will be in contact with each day.

“She has colleagues who have tested positive and patients that have tested positive. They are all working to the best of their abilities. But she’s genuinely worried about bringing it home to me and the kids.

“Everyone is doing such an incredible job”.


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David Harber

David Harber is the founder and Managing Director of Love Andover, including the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and a card carrying member of the Nation Union of Journalists.