Fact or Fiction: Myths About CBD That are Wrong

As CBD becomes more popular, there are more and more myths circulating about what it can do. Some people believe that CBD is a miracle cure for everything, while others think that it’s completely useless. In this blog post, we’ll dispel some of the most common myths about CBD and provide accurate information based on scientific evidence. Keep reading to learn the truth about CBD!

CBD is the Same as THC

One of the biggest myths, which also happens to be one of the most incorrect, is that CBD is the same as THC. Whether this myth is believed mainly by those who are anti-cannabis or those who have not done much reading about CBD, the fact is that CBD and THC interact with the body quite differently, despite having a similar makeup.

To put it simply; THC is the cannabinoid within cannabis that makes you feel high, whereas CBD does not do that. To be slightly more exact, CBD loosely binds with CB1 receptors, whereas THC binds much more tightly, which results in the blocking of neurotransmitters.

All CBD Products are the Same

Another myth that is widely spread is that all CBD products are the same, and the industry is just trying to make more money by marketing them as different. This is very much untrue; different CBD products produce different effects, as well as being suited for different dosages that treat different conditions.

For example, if you want to treat insomnia, or get help falling asleep, you need to consume around 160 milligrams of CBD which can be done using a quality vaporizer. If you want to treat the symptoms of anxiety, you would need to consume around 300–600 milligrams of CBD, which could only be done using edibles.

CBD Doesn’t Cause Side Effects

Not all of the myths that are related to CBD are negative some myths related to CBD portray the cannabinoid to be a cure-all and to be amazing. If only this were the case. One such myth related to CBD insinuates that CBD doesn’t cause any side effects and is 100% safe for anyone to consume.

Unfortunately, this is not true since CBD can interact negatively with certain medications. While it is true that if you are completely healthy and are not consuming any other medications CBD would not cause side effects, this doesn’t mean it is 100% safe for anyone to consume. You should always consult with your doctor before any self-treatment.

No Research About CBD Has Been Done

Another myth that is being spread quite often, especially by those who are anti-CBD is that no research about CBD has been done and therefore, none of the benefits are real. Of course, this is not true since if it were medications such as Epidiolex, a treatment for seizures, would not have been created using CBD.

There have been quite a few studies; one study showed that consuming CBD before public speaking helped to reduce social anxiety quite a bit. Another study showed that consuming a certain amount of CBD before bed helps many people to fall asleep. 

CBD is a Fad

Of all the myths that are being told about CBD one of the most popular is that CBD is just a fad, a passing trend that is being used by the cannabis industry to make money. To begin with, something can only be called a fan after it has ended. More importantly, a fad is also described as something short-lived, with the definition providing a month as a timeframe.

As you are probably very much aware, CBD has actually been around for a few years now and has only been gaining popularity in that timeframe. Describing CBD as a fad would also mean that it has not helped, or is not helping millions of people every day, which it is.

You Should Not Consume Too Much

Finally, the last myth about CBD on this list is that if you consume too much CBD you will suffer negative consequences. This myth is slightly grounded in reality since if you consume too much CBD you won’t gain any benefits from doing so.

However, consuming too much CBD won’t affect you negatively and it doesn’t seem to show any life-threatening consequences. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should try. CBD works best when consumed in the recommended dosages for whatever it is you are trying to treat. More info at koi kratom.