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Female entrepreneurs nominated in county women’s business awards

Female entrepreneurs from Andover and the surrounding areas have been nominated in the Hampshire Women’s Business Awards.

The businesses, which are all owned or run by women, have been nominated in various categories that recognise and celebrate creativity, community, business enterprise and excellent service.

The awards are being organised by business mentor Trudy Simmons, leader of the Hampshire Women’s Business Group on Facebook.

In total more than 100 businesses from around the county have been nominated across nine awards, with some businesses receiving nods in multiple categories.

Since the nominations were announced (on 14 April) there have been more than 5,000 votes.

The 2020 Hampshire Women’s Business Awards, which are sponsored by Now Accounting Services, is the second time the awards have been held and Trudy believes, in a year which has been so challenge for some business already, a nomination will give business owners belief and hope.

She said: “The new year can be a challenge for some businesses but to then deal with the impact of coronavirus as well, things have been excruciatingly difficult for a lot of business owners. I know a few who have had to close their businesses recently and most, if not all, have had to change and adapt in some way to ensure their survival.

“I hope that an award nomination will bring reassurance to business owners, so they know their hard work and tenacity does not go unnoticed.”

Trudy set up the Facebook group in 2017 to provide business women across Hampshire a place to receive support and guidance to expand their businesses. The group includes a wide range of businesses from legal services to web design to corporate photography to cafes and restaurants. 

She said: “Women in business need to be celebrated. In general, women rarely shout about their successes, and I wanted to change that. I have been astounded by the number of votes cast so far and I’m sure it will only increase. It just shows the diversity and how many amazing business women we have across Hampshire and the amount of support and community there is among female entrepreneurs.”

People can cast their votes by visiting by 29 May. There will be an Awards night in the future to announce the winners!

Andover businesses nominated for awards are as follows:

La Di Da Interiors nominated in the Bricks and Mortar and Hampshire Women’s Business of the Year categories

Silver Beats & Treats nominated in the Reach for the Stars, Phenomenal Product, Most Inspiring Person and Hampshire Women’s Business of the Year categories