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Free for Andover businesses because “We’re all in this together”

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There’s only so much Netflix you can watch. Fortunately for Andover’s local radio station that means many people are turning to the old, original ‘wireless’.

With the unfamiliar situation that businesses in Andover face, radio is seeing a massive growth in audience and Andover Radio – a local businesses itself – is making its audience available to ALL local business during these uncertain times.

The team at Andover Radio have certainly not shut up shop. In fact, they are working harder to make sure that thousands more listeners and online users across North West Hampshire get more from their local radio station, even though the team are all working remotely.

And, they are offering their rapidly growing on-air and online audience to local businesses for free.

Andover Radio Director Ben Tuffin says, “We empathise with you. We feel the pain and we understand that this is a difficult time for all businesses, so we want to let all companies in Andover know that we are here for you… and we will share your messages to our growing audience.”

Many businesses in town have had to adapt, Georgina Roberts from Mooch on Bridge Street is moving her business online . The popular town centre shop, which closed it’s doors temporarily on March 23rd (following government guidelines to safeguard staff and customers) has used the time to expand the business online and has already been fulfilling orders.

Andover Radio knows that many businesses are still operating or are having to adapt their business. Radio has always been the most cost-effective advertising medium to gets messages across almost instantly to customers and potential customers. Businesses now have the opportunity to get their messages out through Andover Radio, for free.

Ben who led the #ClapForOurCarers event last week in Shipton Bellinger says, “With 7,000 unique listeners on smart speakers in just the past seven days we anticipate that our audience to 95.9FM is even greater. Please use us to pass on your messages”.

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Andover Radio broadcasts regular updates from Unity’s Coronavirus Helpline, thanks to the mellifluous tones of Christianne Ireland who calls in each day from the charity’s bus station offices. Andover Radio also keeps in very close contact with the daily activities of the Andover Isolation Helpline. Local news is broadcast hourly from 6:00am to 10:00pm. It is the only location you can hear daily updates from Public Health England.

“If you would like to get your business’ message out on Andover Radio, whether it’s to say how your business is operating now, a general update or a message showing your support for the people on the front-line, then call 01264 883133 and leave a message.

More technologically advanced business owners can use the voice recorder on their phone and send a message to our Facebook page… don’t worry about fluffing your lines, as we will edit it before broadcast,” adds Ben.

Andover Radio has frozen all invoices for their existing on-air clients. “Not one of our clients will receive an invoice” says Ben. “We support those businesses who have supported us right from the start, and I think by doing this shows our commitment to the local businesses we work with.

“We empathise with everyone right now. We may still broadcast some commercials through this as its important to keep brand awareness up, but we will be contacting them individually to amend any commercials to reflect their operating status during this period” .

This is a huge financial pledge from us – after all we are also a business that relies on advertising revenue to continue.

But, to ensure that our local businesses have less to worry about during these times, we are cutting off our own income stream to help others.

“To take advantage of this free advertising from us, I am available on the phone or over email and will work with our clients to ensure the correct marketing messages are getting out there,” added Ben.

Today alone Andover Radio broadcast news direct from Public Health England and the Hampshire Medical Fund. It is also broadcasting messages from Citizens Advice Bureau in Andover and the Andover Business Improvement District.

To leave Andover Radio a voicemail message call 01264 883 133.

To contact Ben Tuffin call 01264 883 100 to discuss how Andover Radio can publicise your business for free.