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Keeping Andover Greener – New recycling service launched by local business.

In a world where we are more conscious of the environment and how we dispose of our rubbish, an Andover business has launched a new recycling service to combat the littering of balloons.

From Birthdays to Weddings almost every celebration involves balloons. Balloons are a much loved product but once you’ve finished with them what do you do with them?

Balloons disposed irresponsibly through releasing or popping and leaving littered in the location you are can have an impact on the environment and the wildlife. Balloons ending up in rivers or sea can impact the sea life and by ending up in rural areas can affect small wildlife.

Foil balloons being released can cause huge electrical problems if released near power lines. Their metallic coating is a conductor of electricity. They can short transformers, cause power outages and melt electrical wiring and cause it to fall. They can even cause an electrical surge that could potentially destroy home electronics.

Tip Top Balloons in Union Street have taken the initiate and are now offering a balloon recycling service – free of charge.

Owner Dave Stansbridge told 95.9fm Andover Radio, “We have been concerned about the release of balloons, both latex and foil balloons for some years now, we don’t like them being released as they are not good for the environment or the wildlife

“So we have come up with a solution, anyone that buys balloons from us or anywhere else can bring them to us when they have finished and we will strip the balloons down and recycle them into various components to help do our bit in saving the environment and the wildlife.

“Also with the foil balloons they can get caught in power lines which could cause power cuts in the town and villages”.

After your special occasion, do your bit for the environment and take your balloons to Dave at Tip Top Balloons in Union Street.