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‘Living in the moment’ with Chanze Maffey

Indie Rock artist, Chanze Maffey’s new single ‘Peace by Piece‘ was recently featured track of the week on Marc and Maddie’s ‘New music show‘ on Andover Radio 95.5fm at the beginning of this month. Self-funded Chanze talks to Love Andover about his music career and how it has helped to channel feelings and emotions in a positive way to create amazing art work.

Chanze told Andover Radio 95.5fm “It all started when I was 16 and had just left school. Me and a friend of mine, Luke Hobson used to jam together in his bed room as we both loved music and both in the mod scene and he had a guitar so I sang and it took of from there.

Then we invited two of our other friends to join as we needed a bass player and a drummer. We did around 30 ish gigs as a band, called ‘On Route’ our first proper gig was in the old Ale House, Salisbury.” The young band went on to play in local pubs in Andover, The Anton arms, The Angel, The Southampton Arms to name a few.

Chanze added “I loved dressing up smart for gigs as I am a bit of a peacock in that sense.”


Over time the band wrote more songs together but never recorded any professionally, and then life got in the way and they went their separate ways.

Recently Chanze has reinvented himself as a solo artist to get his message out to the public, he went on to say ” I carried on, on my own as I wrote songs I thought people still needed to hear, they meant a lot to me and recording, playing or even listening to music is the one time I can just live in the moment and everything else seems to just fade away.”

These songs I am currently recording are like my life’s story so far and me growing up through the good times and the bad so every song has a part of me in it. So recording means that a little part of me could live on forever in my songs and that’s all I want really.

Slot Machine
Peace by Piece recorded at Sunrise sound studio

Look out for more new releases from Chanze on spotify. Don’t forget to tune in to Marc and Maddi’s show Sundays 8-9 pm on Andover Radio 95.5fm for more great tracks.