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Local Artist Lizzie Cullen: Crafting Music from the Depths of Lockdown

Lizzie Cullen, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from the local music scene, has been making waves with her latest song, “Lockdown Love.” In a recent interview, she shared her inspiration behind the track and the profound impact the lockdown period had on her creative process. The track will be playing on Andover Radio in a show of support for our local artists.

“I wrote this song in the first lockdown when no one really knew what was going on and everything was up in the air,” Lizzie explained. The uncertainty and isolation that characterized those times provided fertile ground for her introspection. “The song itself is more about my mental health and how I was feeling at the time, sort of locked in my head, yet lockdown also showed things that really mattered,” she added. Through “Lockdown Love,” Lizzie aimed to convey her personal feelings, hoping that listeners could relate to them and find solace in the music.

The lockdown period brought about a significant shift in Lizzie’s creative process and the themes explored in her music. Investing in a stage piano during that time played a pivotal role in her musical evolution. “Lockdown definitely gave me a lot to think about with the time we had in not being able to go out really,” Lizzie remarked. As someone who finds it easier to express herself through writing, music became a natural outlet for her emotions. It became a powerful tool to articulate her thoughts and experiences.

Behind the scenes of “Lockdown Love,” Lizzie experienced a transformative moment that propelled her towards embracing her identity as a singer-songwriter on the piano. Previously, she had performed gigs solely with a guitar. However, when she played the song for her producer, it triggered an epiphany. “‘Why aren’t you writing for piano? That’s it, we’re now working on you as a singer/songwriter on piano going forward!’ along those lines anyway,” Lizzie shared. The challenges she faced in embracing this new direction ultimately fueled her creative momentum, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in her musical journey.

When asked to define her musical style and genre, Lizzie expressed difficulty in pinpointing a specific label. She explained, “I’m just trying to be myself.” Her eclectic taste spans various genres, from pop to classical, with film music holding a special place in her heart. One particular artist who has greatly influenced her is composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. Having met Ludovico and attended his concerts multiple times, Lizzie draws inspiration from his compositions.

Lizzie’s passion for music has been a lifelong calling, although it took time for her to fully realize it. She began taking piano lessons at the age of six, initially focusing on classical and jazz pieces for exams. However, it wasn’t until she stumbled upon a melody of her own creation that everything fell into place. “It’s a very hard feeling to describe,” she reflected. Her dedication to music led her to pursue it academically, achieving an A level in music and later studying it at university. Lizzie’s journey has been shaped by her encounters with influential figures like Ludovico Einaudi, whose impact on her artistry cannot be overstated.

Lizzie’s songwriting process often begins with a melodic idea paired with lyrics that stem from her emotions. Drawing on her background in poetry, she finds that words and melodies intertwine effortlessly, forming a seamless composition. Sometimes, her emotions overflow, compelling her to sit down at the piano and pour her heart out. “Lockdown Love” was one such creation, an outpouring of emotions that materialized in a mere ten minutes.

Navigating the music industry and promoting her work has required Lizzie’s continuous effort to stay informed. “Reading, learning, watching videos – doing all of that helps with knowing how to navigate some of the industry,” she stated. She recently had professional photos taken and is currently developing a plan for future single releases and gigs, consolidating her vision and bringing everything together.

In her musical journey, Lizzie has found invaluable support from Sunrise Studios and its talented individuals, Marc and Undy. Their guidance and contribution to her growth as an artist have left an indelible mark. Lizzie expressed her gratitude and admiration for them, recognizing their role in her success.

Looking ahead, Lizzie has an array of exciting projects and collaborations in the pipeline. With her next single on the horizon, she is eagerly exploring new ideas and translating them into captivating compositions. Additionally, local gigs are also on the agenda, providing an opportunity for fans to experience her music live. Lizzie even teased the possibility of a Lizzie Cullen t-shirt for her dedicated followers.

For Lizzie, connecting with her audience and fostering interaction hold tremendous significance. “Artists don’t go far without an audience,” she emphasized. Engaging with people after gigs and witnessing their passion for music fuels her own enthusiasm. She views music as an art form and cherishes the diversity of each performance. Through her live shows, Lizzie hopes to evoke a range of emotions, leaving a lasting impression on her listeners.

To stay connected and support Lizzie’s musical journey, listeners and fans can find her on various social media platforms and streaming services. Her music is available on Spotify and Apple Music, and updates on her latest releases and performances can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Lizzie Cullen, an artist with a unique voice and a deeply personal approach to music, is poised to captivate audiences with her heartfelt melodies and evocative lyrics. As she continues to explore her craft and forge her path in the industry, her dedication and passion shine through, promising an exciting future filled with harmonious wonders.