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Nearly-new car buyers advised to check tax rates

informationThe DVLA is reminding those thinking of changing their car this summer to find out if new tax rates could affect them.

New vehicle tax rates came into force for all cars and some motorhomes registered from 1 April 2017. Those looking to buy a nearly-new car can check online to make sure they know what they’ll need to pay.

The amount of tax to pay will depend on the type of vehicle. The standard rates are:

  • £140 a year for petrol or diesel vehicles
  • £130 a year for alternative fuel vehicles (hybrids, bioethanol and LPG)
  • £0 a year for vehicles with zero CO2 emissions

There is an additional payment of £310 per year for 5 years (from the second time the vehicle is taxed), if the vehicle has a list price of more than £40,000 at first registration.

More information on the tax rates can be found at

These changes do not affect cars registered before 1 April 2017.