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SnowDays fun in Andover

Yipiee…. the snow has arrived in Andover, meaning that we have #Snowdays to enjoy with our children.

Snow brings with it school closures, more details on that can be found here

SnowDay fun

Sledging in Andover

There a few rules to remember when sledging with the kids to ensure a fun activity doesn’t end up with a trip to hospital or grumpy kids.

DO NOT Sledge towards walls, roads, water or trees

NEVER enter private property

Pack lots of hot drinks and snacks to keep energy levels up, dress the kids in their warmest clothes, gloves, scarf, hat and thick socks  and take a change of clothes.

Great places to Sledge in Andover

Ladies walk

The hills in Roman way park

Andover golf club opens its doors to the public to enjoy their slopes

Behind King Arthurs Way


Do you know of any good places that we can add to the list?. Send me your ideas to, 

Build a snowman

Let your imagination go  and build a snowman/girl/dog/cat/mermaid. Go wild and have fun !! We would love to see your creations. We will share then on our facebook page here


When you’ve had enough of playing outside in the snow, you could always try one of our indoor suggestions here

Enjoy your SnowDay in Andover