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Starting school poem by local poet

Image drawn by Beta Mummy

Daniel Hooks has written us a poem about starting school.

It was my first day at big boy school Mummy helped me get dressed Into my school clothes a white shirt and a vest for my chest.

A red sweatshirt as bright as Rudolph’s nose

To keep me warm Black trousers Socks And new shoes I’d never worn

Grandad says I will learn lots of new words at big school

as we walk to school I hear the birds calling I hold mummy’s hand we go past lots trees

I see the school in my eyes it’s getting closer and closer

Then we are here!

Mummy holds me in her arms for a long time and finally lets me go

Mummy left me at the school gates with a tear in her eye I said mummy I am a big boy now I smiled Don’t cry!

I walk through the gates as my new teacher waits.

Image provide by BetaMummy