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The Cake off at the YMCA in Andover

Today (17th February 2021) the YMCA in Andover are providing cake and biscuit decorating kits to local Andover families.

YMCA cake decorating kit

Each kit contains:

1 x Cake

2 x biscuits

1 x pot of marshmallows and sprinkles

1 x large bar of chocolate.

These kits are free for any of their community families on a first come first serve basis.

On Friday (19th February 2021) they will be providing chocolate rice crispy cakes.

The Staff at the YMCA say, “We want to say a massive thank you to David and Sam Venner for providing all the chocolate and marshmallows in time for half term”

Naomi Knight a local Andover mum, simply shared an image with a photo of her two children with the caption, “Two happy children”

Another local Mum, Emily Carter said, “Thanks so much for the treats! We’ve had lots of fun it’s really cheered us up on a wet day.

The YMCA in Andover also offer support to local families through their community cupboard. The YMCA Community Cupboard was set up to support vulnerable families within our community in Andover. It was started during the first lockdown , however it has become clear that there is a need to continue. They work in partnership with the local Andover community, Tesco and Co-op to stock their cupboards with the essentials that a family may require. This mainly includes packet and tin food products. You can read more about the YMCA community cupboard here.