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Money Guy Meets The Andover Women In Business

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month the ladies of the Andover women in business meet up. I was asked by the president of the AWIB – Karen Hamilton to go and have a little chat. On the 1st March 2022, I met up with the lovely ladies to talk all things money!

It is always my absolute pleasure to do a speech anywhere when I am asked. I have been very fortunate with the AWIB ladies as I have had the privilege of working with quite a few of their members, for various reasons, over the last few years.

We headed to The Cricketers in Longparish, for a meal and a talk from not only myself, but also from Julie Clapperton.

Julie is from Sarah Quirks Associates and gave a very inspiring talk about women and money. It’s always interesting to see how the opposite sex thinks and behaves. It’s also interesting seeing things from a different perspective. Julie informed us on how women, in general, don’t always get the same financial deal as a man. A lot of women don’t get the pension they deserve or need. This is due to several reasons, but predominantly, motherhood and looking after elder members of their family. That isn’t to say men don’t do this, just that in general, it is usually the woman’s ‘job’ to do so.

An interesting fact of the night came from Julie when she told us that generally speaking, divorce can put us back (both men and women) up to 10 years!

I’ve always thought that the main caregiver, out of a couple, tends to get a bit of a rough deal. Being a stay-at-home parent/guardian means no pay, no sick pay, no pension, or company car. Taking that into consideration, if you have kids and you get divorced, I do think that the person who stayed at home is deserving of at least half of the pension. This is up until the child can become financially independent. This isn’t the law, of course, so make sure you plan.

I did my talk on money, which is predominantly based on my book – ‘Show Me The Money‘. I went through how to become one of my savings NURDS, what my 4 golden rules were and briefly discussed a few ways that business owners can make more money.

We discussed a few misconceptions about money and covered some information about social media marketing. I hope this helped a few members. It’s easy to forget that sometimes something you think everyone knows, isn’t quite the case. If I helped open a few peoples eyes to what possibility social media presents, then happy days.

Overall, I had a fantastic night, surrounded by fun, positive businesswomen from Andover. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I can’t join, for obvious reasons, but would encourage anyone who is female and in business, to join this group. You are guaranteed to laugh and learn a little about business!

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