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Three Cheers for Volunteers!

Hosted by the community spirited White Hart Pub in Andover, the Unity Three Cheers for Volunteers Event was the happening place to be on a rainy lunchtime on Tuesday 24th April.

To the backdrop of live music played by Andy Pomfret and a number of volunteers from the Inclusion group, this relaxed event for over two hours, was arranged to recognise the contribution individuals make to charities and groups enabling them to socialise with others across the area as well as providing information to people interested in finding out more about where and how they can volunteer.

Christianne Ireland, Voluntary Sector Manager for Unity said, “This was a really fun way to bring people together and the backdrop of the music and a free buffet just added to the vibrancy of the event. Nearly a dozen people have now enquired about volunteering and I am especially pleased to say that two or three groups have introduced themselves to each other and will be exploring how they may work in partnership in the future.”
Attending the event were people from the business community, charities, dignitaries as well as volunteers who already give their time unstintingly and Unity staff were congratulated on a fantastic event as well as receiving a number of requests to host another in the future!