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Empowering Children with Autism: Mancub, Fern, and the T.A.P. Assistance Dogs Story

In April 2019, a Facebook page called “Together Anything is Pawsible” was created by a dedicated mother named Hayley. The inspiration behind this page was the remarkable impact that one special spaniel had on her son’s life, and she believed that sharing their journey could benefit others.

Over time, the page has gained over 10,000 followers and continues to grow. Among these followers, Leon, affectionately known as Mancub, lovingly refers to them as “The Peoples.” The bond between Mancub and Fern, the spaniel, has captivated the hearts of The Peoples, with many considering the daily updates as the highlight of their day. The support from this online community remains unwavering, and they provide much-needed encouragement on both good and challenging days.

Mancub and Fern’s partnership only continues to strengthen, as Fern finds her utmost happiness when she is with her boy. She has a natural inclination to help and support Mancub in every possible way. Recognizing the positive impact that assistance dogs can have on children with Autism, Hayley and Mancub have dedicated their efforts to raising funds for T.A.P. Assistance Dogs. They actively engage in various fundraising activities, auctioning useful items through their Facebook page, “Together Anything is Pawsible.”

Their ultimate goal has always been to assist other children with Autism, firmly believing that introducing an assistance dog at an early age can make a significant difference. While most charities tend to focus on children above the age of 10, T.A.P. Assistance Dogs has committed to providing fully trained assistance dogs to families with children as young as 3 years old. Their aim is to acquire, train dogs to meet each child’s specific needs, and place them within families seeking the support and love that only a dog can provide.

To further support their cause, a fundraising event, the “Fund Raising Party,” has been scheduled for Saturday, July 8th, 2023. Mancub and Fern invite everyone to join them for a fun-filled afternoon at Aprils Farm in Upper Enham, Andover, Hampshire. The party promises delicious pizza served by the highly recommended Nidge’s Artisan Pizza Kitchen, a bouncy castle for the kids, and even a rodeo bull for the adventurous adults. Tickets for the event are available now, with prices set at £20 for adults and £10 for children (up to 16 years old). It is important to note that, apart from assistance dogs, no other dogs are permitted at the party.

While the physical event provides an opportunity for local supporters to participate, the charity acknowledges that many people who are far away or in different countries may be unable to attend. To include these supporters, a virtual pizza party has been organized—a Cookalong at-home experience. Participants can follow Nidge’s Artisan Pizza Kitchen’s secret recipe and submit photos of their pizza creations for a chance to win a £50 pizza voucher. The virtual party aims to celebrate Mancub’s 7th birthday and further engage supporters in a meaningful way. A £10 donation to T.A.P. will grant access to the secret recipe and enter participants into the competition, with the winner being crowned the T.A.P. pizza king or queen.

The charity hopes that friends from overseas will also join the virtual party, where they will learn the secrets and methods to create the perfect pizza at home. Supporters are encouraged to follow the provided link to join the fun, have a slice of the action, and contribute to this deserving cause. After making their pizzas, participants can simply take a photo and send it to the charity. The best-looking pizza will earn the winner a £50 voucher to spend at the local pizza joint or Pizza Express in their respective town.

T.A.P Assistance Dogs, a small charity based in Andover, has garnered thousands of followers not only throughout the UK but also overseas. The charity’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of children with Autism resonates with supporters near and far. By hosting both a physical event and a virtual celebration, Mancub, Fern, and the T.A.P team aspire to raise vital funds while spreading awareness and joy to those who believe that together, anything is possible.