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Couple Takes On Jurassic Coast for Charity, Supporting Wolverdene School

A couple are set to undertake a huge challenge in their quest to raise money for a local school.

Russell Mount and Marzena, are embarking on a personal and charitable adventure as they prepare to tackle the Jurassic Coast 100km challenge on the 18th and 19th of May, 2024. This two-day endurance trek along the picturesque Jurassic Coastline in England is a significant personal challenge for the couple, who joke about the risk of “not killing each other” over the course of the two days.

While the journey itself is demanding, their primary motivation extends beyond personal achievement. They are raising funds for the Wolverdene School in Andover, an institution dedicated to supporting children with Autism and other Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The funds raised will go towards rejuvenating playground areas and acquiring new equipment for the school’s Sensory Spaces, enriching the educational and developmental experiences of the students.

Wolverdene School is renowned for its exceptional work in supporting children with Autism and SEND. It provides a nurturing environment where these children can thrive, and Russell and Marzena aim to contribute to this positive impact. Every donation made through their GoFundMe page goes directly to the school, as the couple has self-funded the challenge, ensuring that all proceeds support the school’s projects.

Russell and Marzena understand that financial times are tough for many, and they appreciate any amount that people can contribute. Whether large or small, each donation helps support Wolverdene School’s mission to foster education and development for children with special needs.

As they prepare for their adventure, Russell and Marzena express their gratitude to those who have supported their cause and encourage everyone to wish them luck. They are excited about the challenge ahead and are hopeful that their efforts will make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children at Wolverdene School.

You can support the couple on their GoFundMe page.