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From Pirate to MBE – how a DJ won the hearts of millions

Much loved BBC Radio 2 presenter and radio icon, Johnnie Walker will take us down memory lane at The Lights to the Pirate Radio Years.

Johnnie Walker - Radio DJ
Johnnie Walker – Radio DJ

On Saturday, 21 April, Johnnie Walker brings his own inimitable style to The Lights as he reminisces about the birth of pop on the airwaves.

Johnnie started his own radio career on Radio England in 1966, jumping ship to Radio Caroline from where he brought us such wonders as Frinton Flashing and The Kiss in The Car Licence.  When The Marine Offences Act made Pirate Radio illegal in 1967, Johnnie ignored the law and carried on broadcasting, thus making himself part of radio folklore.

His talk will give a true insight in to life on board the pirate ships, the music of the time, and reflect on the rapidly changing world of the Swinging 60’s.