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Let’s get batty

Written by Kaz Trinder from Out of the Box Art Studio

Have fun and join in making your own super simple Halloween bat lantern. 

All you need is;

Black card or paper A4 or A3 size

Plain white paper

felt tips

 A stapler  

glue stick




 Fold your black  card or paper in half hotdog style, (length way). With your ruler from the folded edge draw lines about one inch apart leaving 1/2 inch space from the top of the edge. Now cut along your Lines stopping before reaching your edge space. 

Unfold, take the two sides and wrap together. Staple at the  top and bottom. using your plan paper cut shapes out to form a face, creepy eyes, fangs and wings for your bat.. using felt tips to add colour ..don’t forget to add  a handle…Use a LED LIGHT place  in the middle of your lantern…. Pop in the window for a spooky look.

Happy Halloween 

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