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Local Andover Schools’ get involved in public art

Two Andover schools have taken part in having their say in creating  a sculptural public artwork for Picket Piece during September which will be designed by artist Svetlana Kondakova.

Pupils at Vigo Primary School on the 22nd September had great fun making seed bomb sculptures, Artist Svetlana Kondakova said, “We had a great time making a mess…sorry I mean seed bomb sculptures, at Vigo Primary. Thanks very much to the teachers and staff for all their help and support and to the children for their fantastic creations! They all did so well, really pleased to have had an opportunity to work with these guys. Once planted, the artworks will hopefully germinate into some lovely native wildflowers, helping to support insect populations. Environmental art in action. “

Whilst Art teachers, Mr Biltoo and Miss Beere at Winton community Academy encouraged their Year 7 and 8 pupils to make some wonderful local nature-inspired seed bomb sculptures. 

Svetlana Kondakova Muir said, “After creative sessions with toddlers, school pupils and adults in Andover, I have gone away with photos of about 200 suggestions for the shape of my sculpture. I will now spend a bit of time processing and coming up with a shortlist, in consultation with the steering group. We will then reveal the shortlist and open it to a public vote. This will give us the final shape of the public artwork.”