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Spanish rebels welcomed in Andover

Photo taken by Kevin Ridgeon

On Monday 4 October members of the Extinction Rebellion Andover met Ten Rebels from XR Zaragoza, in Andover high street as they walked through Andover on their way to the COP26 in Glasgow.

They are walking 20 miles a day and are doing this to raise awareness of the Climate Crisis and the enormous emissions cuts needed by all nations of the industrialised world to even come close to reaching their current Paris Agreement commitments. They will join with other activists and Rebels to hold the members at COP26 in Glasgow to account, taking place on 31 October – 12 November.

As the two groups meet in town they joined together in song called , Song for the Climate

We need to wake up

We need to rise up

We need to open our eyes

And do it now, now, now !

We need to build a better future

And we need to start right now

We’re on a planet

That has a problem

We’ve got to solve it, get involved

And do it now, now, now!

Make it greener

Make it cleaner

Make it last, make it fast

And do it now, now , now!

Extinction Rebellion Andover is committed to promoting the values and principles of XR. They wish to find like minded people who wish to Rise Up and Rebel for Life and help in this climate emergency. If this is something your interested in please join their Facebook group, Extinction Rebellion Andover, or send them an email,