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MP: Use Andover’s small businesses or lose them

Disability Forum with Kit Malthouse Standing

Andover’s MP is urging people to use the town’s small businesses or lose them.

As we approach Small Business Saturday on 1st December, Kit Malthouse MP says, “Use North West Hampshire’s 5,000 small businesses, or lose them”.

North West Hampshire has 4,980 small businesses, and they make up 99 per cent of all businesses.

Recent Test Valley figures show that just half of all businesses survive after 5 years of starting up in the region. Nine in 10 survived after the first year, however this significantly dropped to just half (50.5%) of all businesses after 5 years.

Mr Malthouse says, “We’re very fortunate to have an array of excellent independents on our high streets in North West Hampshire but we must use them or lose them. Small businesses make up 99 per cent of all businesses here and I’m saddened to see that in Test Valley, half of them do not survive past five years – with our support we can change this.

“The Government is doing everything it can to help including investing millions in reviving our high streets and further slashing business rates, but you can help too. Small Business Saturday is coming up, and I urge you to take this opportunity to visit and shop at your local independents – use them or we’ll lose them.”

Annabel Drabble from lifestyle boutique ‘At Last’ on Newbury Street says, “If people don’t support their small businesses then we will all go, so if you want to see us on your high street, then please use us. Small Business Saturday is a very good idea, I hope it encourages people to come out in force on the day.”

Christine Mellor from David Mellor Family Jewellers added, “Very simply, if people don’t support their small businesses, they will disappear. The face of the high street is changing, but if you use us, you can help us thrive in the years to come. Small Business Saturday is an excellent initiative, I look forward to seeing people on our high streets.”

Small Business Saturday takes place this Saturday (1st December 2018) and Mr Malthouse will be joining small businesses in Andover, with a photocall at Walworth Enterprise Centre where it is hoped he will draw a winner from The Lifestyle Card competition to win cards for staff and free radio advertising.

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