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Pip McGarry’s Wildlife Extravaganza Enchants at Alex McGarry Studios In December

Pip McGarry, a distinguished wildlife artist with over 44 years of experience, will be showcasing his incredible talent Saturday’s during December at his daughter Alex McGarry’s art gallery, down Waterloo Court in the town centre. His journey as a professional artist is a testament to dedication, self-teaching, and an unwavering passion for wildlife.

McGarry’s artistic odyssey began as an amateur, painting tirelessly every night after work. In those early days, he was unaware of art mediums, and his first paintings were created in neat oil on oil paper. Over the years, through persistence and continuous improvement, he made the bold decision to pursue painting full time in 1998, marking the beginning of a flourishing career in wildlife art.

His diverse artistic endeavours have included participating in school fetes, county fairs, zoos, schools, and conducting workshops and fundraising events. In 1999, Pip founded and chaired the largest wildlife art society in Europe, located at Marwell Zoological Park. The society thrived for sixteen years, hosting the world’s largest annual wildlife art exhibition, featuring over 200 artists and 600 exhibits.

A highlight in Pip’s career came in 2004 when he hosted a successful seven-part television series with Meridian Television. The series, presented by Anneka Rice, showcased McGarry teaching celebrities the art of painting. Filmed in Kenya and at Marwell Zoological Park, the show achieved the highest ratings for any regional program in the UK at that time.

As the official ‘Artist in Residence’ at Marwell Zoological Park for an impressive 25 years, McGarry’s impact led to the creation of an exclusive art gallery for his work within the park’s retail outlet. This commitment to wildlife art extended to organizing over 30 safaris for artists and photographers to various African destinations.

Pip’s artistic prowess is further evident in the success of his paintings at major auction houses, with notable pieces like ‘Flight of the Zebras’ fetching £29,300 at Christie’s in 2008. His individual original paintings, which once sold for £7, now command prices up to £85,000 in galleries and private collections. Additionally, over 70 limited edition prints and various art-related products, such as jigsaws and wallpapers, have been created based on his work.

Having conducted numerous one-man exhibitions across the UK and served as an official judge for the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year for four years, McGarry’s influence in the art world is substantial. For the past five years, he has been exclusively signed with De Montfort Fine Art and the Clarendon Galleries, one of the world’s largest gallery chains and art dealers.

In a remarkable family continuation of artistic talent, McGarry’s daughter, Alex, has also embraced the artistic gene. With her own gallery and a signing with Clarendon Galleries, she has recently been appointed as the official ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Hawk Conservancy.

As Pip McGarry continues to captivate art enthusiasts with his unparalleled wildlife creations, his legacy extends through the generations, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. The opportunity to witness his artistry at Alex McGarry Studios during December is a chance to experience the culmination of a remarkable journey in wildlife art.