Andover BID Business News

Shelley Coburn’s Appointment Signals a Fresh Approach for Andover BID

Andover Business Improvement District (BID) is currently undergoing a transition, as Manager Steve Godwin announces his retirement and we welcome Shelley Coburn as the new BID Manager.

After many years of dedicated service, Steve Godwin has declared his intention to retire at the end of December. His contributions to the town’s growth and development will be sorely missed by the community.

Stepping into the role of BID Manager with enthusiasm and a firm commitment to Andover’s future is Shelley Coburn. Shelley is no stranger to the town’s business community, known for her dedication to making Andover an even more vibrant place to live, work, and visit.

Amy Mellor, of David Mellor Jewellers, expressed her confidence in the appointment, saying, “Shelley Coburn is a strong fit for the role of BID Manager in Andover Town Centre. With over 25 years of experience in management and event planning across various industries, Shelley brings real expertise to the table. Her passion for Andover and its growth is evident, and as a resident, she cares about its future.”

BID Chair, Ange Moon, praised Shelley, highlighting her skills in project management, event coordination, and her understanding of diverse industries. “Shelley’s ability to manage projects and execute events, coupled with her commitment and passion for the town, makes her a good choice to drive the growth of Andover Town Centre.”

Steve Godwin expressed his confidence in Shelley Coburn’s capabilities, stating, “Shelley is a good choice for the role of BID Manager in Andover Town Centre. Her expertise, passion, and roots in this community make her the ideal candidate to continue the work of the Andover BID.”

As the torch is passed from Steve to Shelley, the Andover BID eagerly anticipates a bright future, dedicated to enhancing the town’s appeal and supporting its businesses.

Shelley, who has been working with the BID for three years, shared her thoughts, saying, “During my time with BID, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous local businesses, individuals, and organisations, all with the shared goal of making Andover a better place for everyone, including both businesses and the community as a whole. Collaboration is at the core of my role, and we are currently bustling with activity.

Shelley also mentioned exciting upcoming events, including two Halloween events and the Andover Christmas Festival, which promises to be even more spectacular this year.  The team has been working together since January with Andover Town Council and Test Valley Borough Council to make this a huge success.

Andover BID’s second five-year term is in the hands of the BID Levy payers who are currently voting. The result will be announced in early November, and a high turnout is expected for a fair and democratic process for this.