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The welcome return of Amport and Monxton Village Fete

Written by Lou Upjohn

A huge thank you to everyone for helping at the fete on Saturday. For a brief moment as I wondered through the stalls, the bunting flapping in the wind and the sounds of laugher ringing from the green it felt almost normal.

The tents, vintage cars, the crack of the coconuts, the whinnies of the Shetland ponies, the zorbs spinning made it feel just like any other year.

Even the thunderous clouds and threatening rain couldn’t dampen spirits on Saturday. Spirits that deserved to be lifted I hope we’re fulfilled with joy and happiness. It’s been a worrying and difficult 18 months for us all and I hope the fete signified a change for us. A change that allows us to enjoy simple pleasures just like the fete.

The fete is a village team effort of Amport and Monxton. It’s many days of relentless set up, hours of hard work on the day and the hideousness of Sunday is not worth mentioning! Thank to everyone for giving your time and support to the fete, I couldn’t do it alone and I am immensely grateful to you all. Hope to see you all again without social distancing and restrictions next year.

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