‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?!’

Burlesque Review by Becky Speculo

Whist everyone is going crazy wondering ‘What Love’s got to do with it’ on the auspicious, evening of Love, I was busy finding a fun alternative on Valentines Night.

Intrigued by the shows clever name and collaborative content, I was immediately drawn in by the comic titillation & artful tease presented by the brilliantly choreographed acts. I loved the way they involved the audience and cheekily challenged a couple who had been together the longest to get on stage and try something ‘new’.

If you have never been to a Burlesque Show before and are willing to throw away your perception of what Burlesque really is (and isn’t) and are up for a tongue in cheek, playful push on boundaries, then you will find it highly entertaining. Each performer has their own creative identity and quirky style and take, on Burlesque. The witty, colourful talent & high energy of the show definitely leaves you wanting more.

I couldn’t help admire the courage it takes to get up, in their get-up, on stage and brave their flesh and soul. What an empowering journey their confidence must have taken to perform Burlesque to an unknown yet beguiling audience. Filled with a sense of empowerment, my self-acceptance was definitely inspired to a new level. Self-Love, \i’m discovering, has everything to do with it and if you and your friends, or partner (if you have one) are open-minded and fancy something playful, I would definitely come along and watch one of Andover Burlesque and Cabaret’s brilliant shows.

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