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Andover Business Week – ClipboardClaire talks anything & everything menopause

As part of the Andover Business Week, ClipboardClaire will be talking anything and everything Menopause!

There has never been a better time to understand and know about menopause! Menopausal women are the UKs fastest growing demographic in the workplace!

Claire will be talking about-  What is menopause. Menopause symptoms and hints and tips on how to manage them. Menopause in the workplace. HRT and hormones explained. was set up during lockdown 2020 and is a free menopause website for anyone to use. This cover’s all symptoms of menopause in blogs and include lots of tips/hints and remedies to help with this transition period.

It’s not just for women, if you know a female, (partner, daughter, friend or colleague) menopause will almost certainly touch your life in some way.

If you are a business in or around Andover, then join Claire;

Thursday 22nd September at 2pm, The Incuhive, Chantry Centre, Andover

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