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Andover’s Armed Forces Day Celebrations

Love Andover are delighted to be working with Cllr Nick Matthews in organising an event to mark Armed Forces Day here in Andover.

Due to Covid we cannot plan the normal bigger armed forces event that we normally hold in Andover’s Town park. This year we will be holding a smaller event in the Memorial Poppy park in Augusta Park in Andover.

Nick Matthews told Andover Radio, “This is a memorial garden that means a great deal to me. It represents all who have fallen for our freedom, including most recent losses. The design of the garden, and the newly planted wild flower turf provides a perfect serene setting that allows anyone to sit and reflect. “

The inscription on the monolith, was written by Cllr Nick Matthews and its message was intended to be simple but poignantly reflective of the peace we enjoy in such areas. Cllr Nick Matthews made this a reality after learning the MOD had donated funds for a community project, when the new development had begun, but had been left in an account for some considerable time. Nick Matthews began discussions with the APCA, to spend the money on something that reflects the close relationships between civilian and military communities in and around Andover. The idea quickly became a reality and with the excellent input and support of APCA, the garden was built and completed just before the first lockdown last year.

The 26th June will certainly be a most poignant and relevant day to hold this ceremony, so as to be able to mark such an important day, whilst in the throws of uncertainties surrounding the global pandemic.

What to expect on the day.
1040 – As we begin a recording of Test Valley Brass “Castell Coch” will be played
1045 – RBL Standard Bearers take post and Cllr Matthews gives few words on the memorial garden.
1050 – Reverend Chris Bradish gives the blessing
1058 – Bugle Last Post to play
1100 – Two Minutes silence
1102 – Bugle Reveille to play
1104 – Kohima Epitaph Recited by a local An Army Cadet
1105 – Royal Navy March to play
1110 – British Grenadiers to play
1115 – RAF March Past to play
1120 – Dispersal
We will also have refreshments available provided by APCA