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Andover’s Stax N Snax Closes its Doors

In a surprising turn of events, Andover’s culinary landscape bids farewell to Stax N Snax, a once-prominent fast-food outlet that offered “homemade burgers and fast food.” The eatery, situated in the Walworth Industrial Estate, opened its doors in June 2021.

Owned by entrepreneur JF Gungor, a well-known figure in Andover’s takeaway scene, Stax N Snax aimed to carve its niche by delivering a menu of delectable homemade burgers and quick bites. Mr. Gungor, renowned for operating various franchises across the country, including Fireaway Pizza in Union Street, Charcoal Grill in Bridge Street, and Tidworth Kebab, initially fuelled optimism about the venture.

The sudden closure, however, raises questions about the challenges faced by the eatery, given Mr. Gungor’s previous success in managing other franchises. The Stax N Snax website now bears a concise message that simply states it is “closed,” offering no further details on the reasons behind the decision.

The closure is particularly disheartening for the local community, as Stax N Snax was more than just a fast-food joint; it was a gathering spot where residents could savour homemade flavours and enjoy a quick bite. The news marks the end of an era for those who frequented the establishment, reminiscing about the tantalizing aromas of its kitchen and the friendly atmosphere it once provided.

Stax N Snax’s departure is also notable in light of its recent expansion to Swindon, with a branch opening in June 2023. Unfortunately, this endeavour faced a similar fate, as the Swindon branch has also closed its doors, leaving patrons in that region equally disappointed.

The last communication from Stax N Snax’s Andover branch dates back to September 2023, as its Facebook page fell silent. The absence of updates raises speculation about the reasons behind the closure, adding an air of mystery to the sudden end of this culinary venture.

As the local community reflects on the closure, there is an overarching sentiment of sadness, not only for the loss of a local business but also for the shared memories and experiences that came with it. The closure of Stax N Snax serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the restaurant industry, where even well-established businesses can face unforeseen challenges.

In the wake of Stax N Snax’s closure, Andover locals are left to ponder the fate of the Walworth Industrial Estate space that once housed this culinary gem. While the doors may be closed, the memories of Stax N Snax and its flavourful offerings will linger in the minds and palates of those who once frequented this now-vacant establishment.