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Avoid ‘unofficial advice’ to stop ‘drastic’ coronavirus action

Andover Corona Virus Covid-19 Self Isolation

As the government announce that “all vulnerable and elderly people should begin self-isolating within days” to protect themselves from Covid-19 infection, we’re making sure everyone has official and accurate information.

At times of crisis and particularly for those who have no internet access or social media accounts, radio is often the primary source of information.

Andover Radio is licensed by HM Government and operates under legislation from UK law which strictly controls the information the radio station can deliver. SEE MORE HERE

“We are delivering increasing amounts of information about the coronavirus” says radio station founder David Harber. “We ensure that as people protect themselves, our information comes from official and reliable sources.


“Given the amount of utter nonsense we have seen online, from people who are social media savvy enough to know better, we are committed to delivering Andover’s essential information in real-time. It’s not conjecture, it’s not speculation or scaremongering – we will deliver the facts that help people.”

Andover’s largest housing agency Aster reminded tenants today that, “We will continue to follow government guidance daily and we are closely monitoring the advice from Public Health England”.

They add that “It may become necessary for us to change the way we deliver our services as government advice changes…”

They have offered a service to help people who are isolated, Aster say “It’s really important you let us know if you are self-isolating by calling 0333 400 8222 before we arrange to visit you in your home.”

Andover Radio is arranging a constant stream of real-time and official information which will be delivered hourly on 95.9FM and through this website

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this afternoon advised Britons to, “Avoid pubs, restaurants and theatres in the national fightback” against coronavirus. This will have a negative effect on the economy, but it remains important to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible.

The Andover Self-Isolation Group continues to grow and they are seeking more help for their service, where they intend to assist the ‘most vulnerable’ in and around Andover. If you have time to spare or products to donate, they would appreciate your assistance.

You can read more about this group on their Facebook page here. The Queen Charlotte Inn on London Road is the drop-off and sign-in point for the group which was created by local lady Tori Rist last week.

People who are healthy will be welcomed at the Queen Charlotte to ensure that the work of the Isolation Group continues.

In fresh guidance today, government ministers have said that children who develop a continuous cough or fever should be sent home from school.

‘Andover’s most vulnerable include’ those over the age of 70, particularly those with underlying health issues like respiratory problems.

At the moment it appears that advice is that people over 70 may go for walks, even when their period of ‘staying at home’ begins.

If you are worried about Covid-19, please only react to official government advice, which may be delivered by the NHS through Public Health England.

“The total number of people who have tested positive in the UK has risen by almost 200 in a single day”, adds David Harber. “The total number of confirmed cases in now almost 1,600. But, let’s take these figures into context, it’s a tiny amount of people – 44,000 people were tested.”

Many events are being postponed including the annual Andover Rocks festival and this weekend’s environment and recycling event at Picket Twenty Community Centre.

Craig Hicks from Andover Radio adds, “At a time when some supermarket chains like Iceland are trying to limit the ‘panic buying’ of superfluous items, as a community, our job should be to protect our most vulnerable.

“95.9FM Andover Radio will only give official news from Westminster and Public Health England, advice from Beech Hurst and the radio station will offer support to those who need it most.”

If you are worried about a relative, friend or neighbour you can contact Andover’s Isolation Helpline on 01264 748 946 for advice and information.

“Andover Radio will not only provide accurate information,” adds Craig Hicks. “We will also provide them with entertainment too. In fact, we’ll play their songs. People ‘locked up’ at home are welcome to message our studio and request songs. I’d consider it an honour to make sure people are not just informed, but entertained, too”.

The radio station’s text number is 07418 310 959.

The radio station’s phone number is 01264 883 100.