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The property market can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, so we’ve teamed up with Belvoir to answer all your questions property related.

If you’re buying, selling, renting or looking to let your property but need some expert advice, Andrew from Belvoir is here to answer your questions.

Listen on to 95.9FM and hear Andrew answer your questions.

If you have any property related questions you want Andrew to answer, then email us your question to or go direct to Belvoir on Bridge Street or call their knowledgeable team on 01264-366611.

Here are some question Andrew has answered for you:

Listen to our interview with Andrew from Belvoir!:

Q. I’m looking to let out a few rooms in my Property. This is my first time. I’ve been told I should use websites like spare, but I’m worried that it may attract the wrong tenant. What process do you go through to ensure I let to a suitable applicant? 

A. It is difficult when renting out rooms in your own home. As you say, you want to make sure that you get the right tenant who you feel you can share your space with. You also need to be confident that they can afford the room and aren’t going to cause you a problem.

We rent out a lot of single rooms and the same process applies to these lettings as any other. We will market your room on the various online property websites and conduct viewings for anyone that is interested. Once we find a prospective tenant, we will obtain references so you know a little more about their situation. The next step is to arrange a time for you to meet with the interested party and ensure that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Going forward, you may like us to collect the rent for you and continue to manage the letting, or you may feel comfortable doing this yourself and arrange the payment directly with the tenant.

It is wise not to take any chances and engage the services of a professional. We will be on hand should any problems occur and can manage any situations or issues quickly and efficiently.

Q. My wife and I are looking to sell our house, How do I make my house more valuable and sell faster? 

A. Spending a little time preparing your home for prospective buyers to view can not only help sell the property quicker but also help you to achieve the very best selling price.

Firstly, have a good spring clean so that your home is really seen in its best light. Don’t forget to clean windows and freshen up net curtains, bed linen and any other soft furnishings. Treat limescale in the bathroom and remove any stains from the carpets.

De-clutter and get rid of all those piles of ‘stuff’ that accumulate in every home – find a proper place for it all, sell it or take to the charity shop. If you have too much excess furniture, boxes or bags, consider putting some items in storage for a short period

Make sure everything inside and outside the house is in good order. Fix all those little things that have broken but haven’t yet got to the top of the list for repairing – every home has their own particular collection of jobs to do!

You really don’t have to be baking bread or brewing coffee when people come to view but making sure that the house doesn’t smell of animals and ensuring last night’s cooking smell has left the kitchen is very important.

And finally, consider letting the property experts show prospective buyers round your home. We know which of the good things about your property we need to point out and we can talk about the local amenities and schools.

The Belvoir team can arrange for you to have some independent mortgage advice and then we can estimate all the above costs based on the maximum purchase price you can afford. Pop into the office or give us a call on 01264 366611.