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BID Rangers praised for significant impact on town centre safety and security

Andover Business Improvement District (BID) has praised the exceptional work of its Rangers service following the release of figures demonstrating the significant impact they have made on safety and security in the town centre.

Over the last year, the Rangers have dealt with nearly 5000 incidents, with an impressive response rate to each one.

The statistics reveal that the Rangers have dealt with 2611 theft or shoplifting incidents, 23 assaults, and 556 cases of antisocial behaviour, which has made a significant difference to local businesses and residents. They also responded to 57 medical emergencies, reported 51 cases of graffiti, and reported 124 instances of general intelligence. The Rangers’ presence has not only helped to prevent and deter crime, but they have also built strong relationships with businesses, other agencies, and the local community. In the last year, the Rangers made 1748 visits to businesses, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the safety and prosperity of the town centre.

Jo Tierney from Sweet Ideas Andover shared – ‘’The BID Rangers service, the two-way radio system, and greatly benefit my business. The guys are proactive, they pop in regularly, and their regular uniformed presence in the town centre is reassuring. When I have a problem, they respond quickly to the radio system and can help me in many ways – they are great!’’