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A New Era of Healthcare: The Wellbeing Hub Opens Its Doors in Andover

Health issues such as back pain and post-childbirth complications affect a significant portion of the UK population, with staggering statistics illustrating the problem. According to recent data, 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from back pain, and 70% of women report experiencing some form of pain one year after childbirth, with 45% considering it moderate to severe. Furthermore, approximately 40% of the NHS’s budget goes towards treating preventable conditions like high blood pressure .

These figures starkly contrast with the health profiles of elite athletes, who benefit from a comprehensive support system designed to keep them at peak performance. Elite athletes have access to multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and healthcare professionals who work collaboratively to maintain their health and fitness. These teams offer a combined approach, understanding that health influences various aspects of life and that a multi-faceted approach to treatment is more effective than a linear one.

Emily Lavine, a chartered physiotherapist with a decade of experience in sports medicine and the NHS, recognizes this disparity in healthcare. To bridge this gap, she is launching The Wellbeing Hub in Andover, Hampshire. Her mission is to offer the same high-quality, multidisciplinary approach that elite athletes enjoy but to the broader public.

The Wellbeing Hub is designed to tackle a range of health issues by providing an array of services and professionals under one roof. The team comprises experienced physiotherapists, dietitians, phlebotomists for blood testing, personal trainers, massage therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, and more. This team-based approach emulates the collaborative environment that elite athletes rely on, yet it’s designed to be accessible and affordable for everyone.

One of the unique aspects of The Wellbeing Hub is its focus on inclusivity and community. Injury prevention and stress relief classes are offered for as low as £3.75, free nutritional advice is available at the reception, and personal training sessions allow parents to bring their children along. This emphasis on accessibility ensures that the services cater to a broad demographic, reducing the strain on local NHS resources by addressing health concerns at their root.

The Wellbeing Hub opened it’s doors last week, located in a beautifully converted barn one mile from the centre of Andover in East Anton Court. With this new venture, Emily Lavine hopes to revolutionise healthcare by bringing a multidisciplinary approach to the masses, ultimately leading to a healthier community and a reduction in preventable health issues.