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Bowyer Engineering supports Andover’s Climate Day of Action

In order to support Andover’s Climate Day of Action Bowyer Engineering attempted their first Carbon neutral day at the factory.

With their new LED lighting and IT infrastructure, the majority of their power consumption as a business comes from machine tools and compressors. During their factory re-fit they installed a new efficient compressor with reservoir and replaced all the hissing pipes. During the summer months their 5 Axis CNC machines run almost completely from power from our 99.6 kW photovoltaic array, subsidised by power they pushed into the grid at weekends for the early mornings and evening working.

They had:

• 7 cyclists (including a 44 mile round trip)
• 6 Working from home
• 9 on leave
• 7 Walking
• 1 Electric car
• And 2 running.

Where they could not avoid a carbon footprint, company owners Michael and Heather Bowyer planted 5 trees to offset this impact. They are very aware of how difficult it is to make an Engineering business environmentally friendly, but I like to think they attempted to make a difference, even in a small way.