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BP Rolls roll out client sharing video system

BP Rolls

BP Rolls Group have partnered with CitNow, and have started to roll out the video sharing software, helping clients see what the technicians see.

Citnow will enable Technicians and Estimators at BP Rolls to capture vehicle appraisals on video and share it with their customer via mobile and email. The company, which has been in Andover for over 50 years, offers accident repairs, servicing, MOT testing, diagnostics, tyres and exhausts, has adopted the technology in a bid to provide greater transparency and quality of service.

The innovative CitNow system will be a standard service at both our automotive garage and accident repair centre, and will enable customers to view exactly what the technician sees, using video footage of their vehicle whilst it is in the workshop,” said Louise Ellison, Group Marketing Manager.

In the BP Rolls accident repair centre, CitNow will be used to record the condition of customer cars when they are collected or delivered, and also by the team of Estimators when they appraise vehicle damage, keeping the customer informed every step of the way.

In automotive, it will be available with all different types of work, such as an MOT, servicing or repairs. All cars that go through the BP Rolls Automotive workshop are subject to a complimentary health check as a matter of course and CitNow will provide a great way of giving customers a detailed condition report, highlighting any concerns the technician has discovers that may need to be addressed.

CitNow will give customers in a unique insight into the health and safety of their vehicle. By viewing the video footage, they can make an educated choice about whether they wish to proceed with advised work and let the technician know immediately, this now only saves time, but we hope will empower our customer with knowledge of what’s going on under their bonnet.”

In the last 12 months, CitNOW has delivered more than a million personalised videos to customers. Its video services are currently being used by over 1,500 dealers in the UK, and BP Rolls are proud to be the first independent garage in Andover to offer this technology.

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