Brits encouraged to be a little bit more feline in pursuit of a better way of life

The past 18 months have been challenging to say the least, and now more than ever people need the support of their feline friends. We are great cat lovers here at Andover Radio. We often hear Craig talk about Barney cat on Andover Radio. Cats have been a source of comfort for many throughout the years, and even more so in such uncertain times. However, new research as part of The Great Cat Census from Republic of Cats has shown there is more that we can learn from our furry counterparts.

  • Over half say they admire how independent, but also how playful cats are
  • Half say that their life would be much easier if they didn’t care what others thought of them
  • 4 in 10 say they like how relaxed cats are, but also how they do not care what others think of them

One thing everyone has needed from their cats are cuddles, and our furry friends are always up for some physical affection making them ‘The Constant Cuddler’. When cats are rubbing, or ‘butting’ this is when is he or she is transferring scent to mark territory, thereby creating a ‘safe space’ and producing calming pheromones associated with happiness and reassurance. In fact two thirds (64 per cent) of kitties will be sat by the door awaiting the return of a human who’s been out for a couple of hours. During, lockdown so many people desperately missed a human touch. Cuddling, whether with your cat or your human makes us feel good, as oxytocin levels increase when we hug. It decreases blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to a depressed immune system. 

The new research has also shown that over half respect how independent cats are. There are many cat personality traits that can be emulated such as ‘The Imperious One’ which is where cats typically don’t do anything which isn’t obviously rewarding to them, they would rather do something else. And the Census reveals that half of all pusses are “always inventing their own games”.  So, it’s not that cats don’t care what others think; they’re actually hard wired to do their own thing. People can emulate this characteristic by not looking for external validation all the time and being aware of one’s own self-worth.

Felines are the best at sleeping and can do between 10 – 13 hours daily. While life may be busy adopting ‘The Catnap’ style, it’s recommended by experts to get between 7-9 hours of sleep depending on your lifestyle. Another trait one can adopt is being ‘The Pilates Puss’ where cats love to stretch to help wake them up and be more alert.  An alternative is to put in a mad mini-marathon and tear around with a session of ‘zoomies’ for a couple of minutes after breakfast (36 per cent of cats do this).  Take a leaf out of your cat’s book, without stretching, muscles shorten and become tight and puts one at risk of joint pain and strains. Instead of being stuck in front of a screen all day, or just a professional couch potato, grab a yoga mat and stretch.

Although, as  much as cats like a big stretch, cat owners know all too well that accidents can happen with a paw knocking over a vase accidentally. It can be important to be ‘The Declutter’ by being selective with what to keep, and making sure everything fits for a tidy space, to help make a tidy mind.