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Building Community and Camaraderie – Andover Men’s Shed Opens New Chapter at Chantry Centre

In a bid to expand their community and foster camaraderie, Andover Men’s Shed has officially opened its doors at the Chantry Centre. Established in 2015, the shed initially found its home at Enham Trust and has now set up shop at unit 9 in the Chantry Centre.

Across the UK, there are more than 1000 Men’s Sheds, with the majority affiliated with the UK Men’s Shed Association. Andover Men’s Shed, in line with its counterparts, actively encourages the participation of new members, seeking to create a space where individuals can forge new friendships in an atmosphere of camaraderie. Furthermore, the shed serves as a platform for members to engage in community projects that benefit the wider society.

At the inauguration of the new shed, Councillor Iris Anderson emphasized the importance of providing older men with an outlet to meet new friends and engage in collaborative projects. She highlighted the necessity of a long-term home for such activities and expressed hope that the Chantry Centre would fulfil this crucial need.

Members of Andover Shed have been diligently working on crafting Christmas items, which are available for purchase at their Chantry Centre shop (unit 9). The proceeds from these sales contribute to the shed’s ongoing initiatives.

Councillor Anderson underlined the significance of creating an environment where individuals, regardless of specific skills, can feel welcome. Newcomers to Andover Men’s Shed can be safely introduced to the workshop, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

Throughout its establishment, Andover Men’s Shed has engaged in various charitable endeavours. Fundraising for other charities, crafting play equipment, and constructing owl boxes for local schools have been among their notable contributions to the community. These activities not only serve the broader public but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment to the shed’s members, known affectionately as “Shedders.”

With a warm invitation extended to potential new members, Andover Men’s Shed encourages anyone who knows of men seeking a supportive community to join them. The focus is not on specific skills but on the shared experience of contributing to meaningful projects and building lasting friendships within the Andover Men’s Shed community.