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Canto Gelato’s cone goes missing and it’s up to you to find it

If you’ve ever walked past Canto Gelato you might have noticed a large ice cream cone signposting the cafè’s speciality in serving gelato. That ice cream cone has gone missing overnight and InAndover are appealing for your help to find where it’s gone!

The owner of Canto Gelato, Kelly Jones said “When I arrived into work this morning I was shocked to spot that my cone had disappeared but hopefully people will come into their local town centre to help find it and claim our reward”.

InAndover presenter, Luis Wyatt said “I’ve met an insider who knows the culprit and once I find out more information I’ll let everyone know the clues that I discover. Hopefully that will help people find the cone”

The cone has been placed somewhere in the town centre for families to try and spot all this week. The first person to spot the cone and message the InAndover Facebook page gets 50% off their bill for the whole family at Canto Gelato. As Andover bakes in the sunshine all week and with their specially crafted menu of gelato, waffles & sundaes, Canto Gelato is the perfect place to visit if you need to cool down!

InAndover (from Andover BID) will be releasing clues throughout the week so be sure to give them a follow on Facebook to discover more clues.