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Carnival Committee Selects Girlguiding Andover Division and Purple Oak Support as This Year’s Charity Recipients

Today marked a pivotal moment for the Carnival Committee as they convened to determine the recipients of this year’s charitable donations. Nine remarkable local causes presented their pitches, each vying for support from the community-centric committee.

Reflecting on the day’s proceedings, it became evident that this year presented a unique challenge. The calibre of the causes and the passion behind each presentation made the decision-making process exceptionally arduous. Despite the formidable task at hand, the committee members engaged in nearly an hour of impassioned debate before arriving at their final selections.

“We can confidently say that this was the hardest year yet, without any doubt, to narrow down to just 2 recipients,” remarked a committee spokesperson.

Ultimately, after careful consideration and thorough deliberation, Girlguiding Andover Division and Purple Oak Support emerged as the chosen charities for this year’s Carnival donations.

While the decision was undoubtedly difficult, the committee expressed a commitment to continue working with the organizations that were not selected to elevate their causes and amplify their profiles within the community.

“We will try and work with those who were unsuccessful on this occasion to raise their causes and profiles,” assured the committee.

However, amidst the acknowledgment of the outstanding efforts of all the presenting causes, there was a palpable sense of pride in announcing Girlguiding Andover Division and Purple Oak Support as the recipients of this year’s Carnival donations.

“We are incredibly proud to announce that our chosen charities this year are Girlguiding Andover Division and Purple Oak Support,” declared the committee.

Looking ahead, the committee eagerly anticipates collaborating with the selected charities and providing unwavering support as they endeavor to achieve their respective missions and goals.

“We look forward to working alongside them and supporting them in all they hope to achieve,” expressed the committee spokesperson.

As preparations for Carnival Day commence, the committee is optimistic that the renowned Andover Community spirit will once again shine brightly as they unite in support of Girlguiding Andover Division and Purple Oak Support, demonstrating the power of collective goodwill and generosity.