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Celebrating Easter at Home in Andover

This years School Easter holidays are definitely going to be different, due to all being told to stay at home due to the coronavirus. Being at home does not mean that we still can’t have fun.

Will the Easter Bunny still come?

I asked this on our facebook page and you will all pleased to know that the answer is YES.

My daughter asked me this question today… Mum, as we are are being told we are not allowed to visit people, does that mean the Easter bunny , won’t be able to visit this year to deliver the Easter eggs ?

Michelle Rusbridge They are magical so we will still get our chocolate!

Sophie Parker Technically the bunny’s an animal, and they can still hop about freely

Stephanie Hayes-Akinjobi Easter bunny is immune to CV

Becca Carter Animals cant catch the virus so he can come.

Andrew Down Animals go by different rules … cats, rabbits, foxes birds etc can still go where they like as they arent affected by the virus.

Lenie Stepney as the Easter Bunny isn’t human, then he will make it on Easter…

Easter Egg Hunts at Home

There are many ways to set up an Easter egg hunt for your children. Whether you randomly scatter eggs inside the home or garden, hide a series of clues leading little ones around a course or hang signposts around your home. it’s just a fun thing to do with a chocolate reward at the end.

Easter Activities for Families

St Marys Church in Andover, have stories, discussion content, games, quizzes, questions, activities, crafts, prayer ideas and more to be enjoyed over on their Online Hub, Click here for details

There are lots of Easter craft ideas to be found online. Why not visit our local art groups social media pages and websites to see what ideas they have to share that we can do with our children.

Out of the Box Art studio , can be found here

The Artroom can be found here

Chapel Arts can be found here

A Family Day out

Whilst local Family attractions have been closed for the foreseeable future based on government guidelines regarding social distancing to try and defeat this terrible virus. The local Andover and surrounding areas animal attractions have made use of their social media outlets to keep in touch with their customers during this time. Read more here

The Army Flying Museum has lots of things that we can enjoy, including a virtual Easter Egg hunt, which takes place from Wednesday 8th April till Easter Monday. Find out more in this link here

Do you have a great Easter idea that other local Andover families will enjoy?

Then please email me the details so that they can be shared with others. My email is