Cholderton Charlie’s Farm re-opens

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Cholderon Charlies farm is a short 13 minute drive from Andover, based on the Amesbury road, Salisbury. It is family day out enjoyed by many families in Andover. It has been operating as a family run tourist attraction since 1985.

Today they annoinced on their Facebook page their plans for reopening the farm to visitors.

“On Friday 19th June we are opening the Rare Breeds Farm Park to all visitors for weekends only until 3rd July when we will reopen every day.”

They we are limiting admissions to a maximum of 100 people per day and tickets must be purchased online at You will be asked to select an admission entry time to help with social distancing. These times will be in 15 minute slots and will be limited to 12 people per time slot.

If you are a memeber they ask that you purchase a free members ticket from their website and present your Annual Pass Card at the admissions desk.

Daily Admission Tickets will be available to purchase from 10am on Tuesday 16th June

They will be offering takeaway food ffrom their cafe and have spaced out their outdoor tables to create the required space.They promise to offer a selection of Sandwiches, Toasties, Snacks, Treats, Hot and Cold Drinks as well as Beer and Wine.

Their toilets will be manned and disinfected regularly and they continue to offer extensive hand washing facilities for all who visit.

There will be many changes to the normal Farm Park Experience with some areas having to remain closed for safety from COVID-19 but they say they have created a great program of Animal Talks, Walks and Trails for us to enjoy, with their famous pig race still taking place.

This is great news for local families, as #familydaysout at attractions like this begin to become part of our lives again.