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Community Triumph: ACE’s Essential Services Secured with Extended Lease

In a remarkable turn of events, Andover Community Engage (ACE) is thrilled to announce that their license has been extended until the end of January, thanks to the unwavering dedication and intervention of TVBC Councillors. This victory is a testament to the power of community support and unity.

They first applied for an extension to their license which was due to end on October 6th, but the council initially refused to extend as they were planning on using that space for the Santa’s Grotto. ACE devastated formed a petition to ensure that they could continue to offer their vital services. With the public support and local councillors getting involved they are delighted to have had now their license extended.

ACE extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who voiced their thoughts, shared their plight, and rallied behind their cause. The resilience and solidarity demonstrated by the community during this challenging time have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Reflecting on their journey, ACE acknowledges the numerous hurdles they’ve faced, often pushing the limits of their endurance. However, this week has been different. It’s been a week of laughter, tears of joy, heartfelt embraces, and a profound sense of being carried forward by the unwavering support of Andover’s residents.

The ACE team is brimming with pride and honor to be an integral part of this remarkable community. The outpouring of support from the people of Andover has been the driving force behind this incredible achievement. It’s not just about securing a place; it’s about affirming the strength and resilience of a community that stands together in times of need.

A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to everyone who played a role in making this happen, from the volunteers and donors to the community members who passionately supported ACE’s cause. Special recognition goes to the dedicated efforts of Councillor Gregori, Councillor Borg-Neal, and Councillor Dowden, whose tireless advocacy helped secure the extended lease.

The cherry on top of this heartwarming success story is the unequivocal support of the council members, affirming their belief in ACE’s mission and the invaluable services they provide to the community.

As ACE looks forward to continuing their vital work, they do so with a renewed sense of hope, gratitude, and an even stronger connection to the community they proudly serve. This achievement stands as a testament to what a united community can accomplish when faced with challenges, and it exemplifies the true spirit of Andover.