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Council to demolish George Yard toilets

George Yard Toilets, Andover
George Yard Toilets (image by Google)

Test Valley Borough Council has applied for permission to demolish the public toilet block in George Yard car park.

According to TVBC, this course of action will create an extra five car parking spaces close to the town centre and open up the area leading to the High Street.

A replacement ‘Community Toilet Scheme’ was launched in July which requires members of the public to use facilities in participating businesses.

The scheme has been regarded as “a success” by the council, despite only three business participating (Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero and The Redbridge).

A spokesperson for TVBC says, “Toilets are now available in more locations, for longer hours and are safer to use as they are in busy town centre establishments.”

Leader of the Council, Phil North said, “The Council previously took the decision to close the toilets in George Yard in the interests of public safety.

“We regularly found used needles and other drug paraphernalia left in the cubicles and on one occasion, a member of our cleaning staff suffered an injury caused by a hidden needle. That is why we decided to implement the Community Toilet Scheme and after a successful pilot are proposing to demolish the disused toilet block in the George Yard car park.

“The demolition of the building will improve the overall look of the area and create additional car parking.”

The application for demolition consent has been submitted to the Council’s planning department and will be “considered in due course”.

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