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Councillors Campaign to Ban Disposable Vapes

Local Councillor Iris Anderson is taking a proactive stance in her community, advocating for a ban on disposable vapes. She believes that this is a pressing issue that needs immediate attention to protect the well-being of the young population and the environment. Iris has been active rallying support for her cause.

“I want that we have a ban on disposable vapes,” Anderson emphatically stated, highlighting the urgency of the matter. Her dedication to the cause is evident in her determination to take it all the way to Parliament, urging local MPs to join her in supporting the ban.

One of Iris key concerns is the growing number of young people turning to vaping to alleviate anxiety issues. “I would like to see us getting the support for the young people that feel they need to vape, as they are saying it helps their anxiety problems,” she noted. This demonstrates her deep empathy for the struggles young individuals face, particularly in a post-COVID world. Iris also warns that the wrapping and designs make it more appealing to young people also.

Another pressing issue that Anderson raises is the lack of transparency regarding the chemicals present in disposable vapes. “We already have a problem with the NHS now!!! In years to come, this is going to cause a bigger problem with health not knowing what different chemicals are in these disposable vapes,” she warned. Her concern for public health and the potential long-term consequences of vaping is evident in her call for stricter regulations.

Iris isn’t alone in her concerns about disposable vapes. She pointed out that Scotland is also considering a proposal to address this issue. “Scotland are thinking of putting this through as a proposal as well,” she added, emphasizing the widespread recognition of the problem.

One of Anderson’s proposed solutions is to make disposable vapes less appealing to young people. “For us not to have fancy wrapping on these vapes, to ask manufacturers not to make it so appealing for the young people,” she suggested. This would align with her goal of reducing the allure of vaping to minors.

In addition to the health and appeal concerns, Anderson is deeply troubled by the environmental impact of disposable vapes. “It is costing us £2 million a year to dispose of these vapes, which is causing problems in the recycling centre,” she revealed. Her environmental consciousness drives her desire to protect the planet from the harmful effects of disposable vapes.

Anderson firmly believes that vaping should only be used as an aid to quit smoking. She stressed the need for stricter regulations to prevent children from accessing these products, addressing the growing cases of underage vaping.

In conclusion, Councillor Iris Anderson’s unwavering dedication to banning disposable vapes is driven by her commitment to the well-being of young people, public health, and environmental sustainability. Her call for stricter regulations and support from local MPs reflects her determination to make a positive change in her community and beyond.