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Della estates to breathe new life into rotting house

An Andover property that has been a hot topic for several years has finally sold to local entrepreneurs Darren Andrews and Ella Attrill owners of Della Estates Ltd.

The property at 91 Charlton Road, had been left by the previous owner fall into disrepair, and neighbours having to endure a ghastly eyesore for nearly 30 years. The once family home had remained as a sentimental asset to the previous owner who Darren says, was reluctant to sell “because he didn’t need nor want to“.

Neighbours had come together in recent years to present their concerns to Test Valley Borough Council, of the junk-filled house and overgrown garden. TVBC had then been in negotiations with the owner to sell the property, unfortunately, this wasn’t a straightforward process and came with a lot of frustrations. Della Estates had been trying to purchase the house for a number of years and been in negotiations with the owner and the council. Due to the house being empty for so long the council pushed for a compulsory purchase order as there had been issues with the owner not engaging, however at the last hurdle the owner made a quick decision to sell to private landlords Della estates, which comes as much joy to the local community.

Talking to Andover Radio 95.5fm Darren Andrews, co-owner of Della Estates tells us how thrilled he is to have finally got the keys to the property. Darren and his partner Ella have been trying the purchase the property for the past 2 and half years with the previous owner stalling the process every 3 months to ‘bide more time‘.

Darren told us “Our offer was accepted 2 years ago and to be able to finally complete this is a brilliant feeling. We all know about this property and I’ve wanted this for the last 10 years.

Now that the exchange has gone through and been finalised, Ella told Andover Radio 95.5fm “I literally couldn’t believe it, even when the keys were in our hands, I couldn’t believe that the house was ours because it’s been a long couple of years, but we can’t wait to make this into something beautiful again, its been a battle over the years to get it over the line but finally its happened “

The couple is keen to start works straight away in a view to completion in just a few months. Della estates are very keen to put back into the community, this project will offer over 15 different local trades work.

Darren told Andover Radio 95.5fm “Ella and I are local, and for us to get this property, a local company not a London investor or international investor is a big deal to us as we are passionate about our town.

When I was a kid when they said what to do you want to be when you grow up mine was a property developer. My father, Bruce Andrews has been in the building trade and had his own businesses here in Andover and it was only natural that I would become an apprentice and this was in plumbing and heating.

“My passion for the trade is what drove me. I owned a very successful car dealership D A CARS (which was started by Ella cleaning a £200 car on my mums driveway in Andover and then me selling it on at a profit, then repeating the process) 5 years later we then sold the dealership to pursue and fund our property dream. Della Estates was started 2 years ago and we now have a property portfolio worth well over £1 million which has been achieved through relentless hard work and determination.”

We have properties over the country but Andover is our home and the main area of our business. Through the work, we have done here and what we will do to this property on 91 Charlton Road will boost local business too as we will be using local businesses for the work.

Once the word had got out that Della Estates Ltd had managed to secure the sale of the property, Darren explained that they were inundated with some “seriously strong cash offers”, however after much deliberation, the couple have decided to keep the property and do it up stating “this will be one hell of a transformation”

Darren said “There have been many stories over the years about what was in the house, but none of them was true. We didn’t find any trees in the middle of the house, non was it used as a drug den. It was just a man who grown up here with his family when his parents and sister died and he moved to London but didn’t need or want to sell up. It was clear it held a lot of sentimental value for him.”

The house needed 20 skips to empty the property as the previous owner was a hoarder. It was mainly filled with boxes and furniture. “One piece he had left for us as a gift which, to be honest, was lovely of himit’s an original piece all hand made and probably over 100 years old. He said to us when we have viewed the property a while back that he would leave it for us and he did. It was quite lovely”. says Darren.

The successful entrepreneurs explained that they needed to spend a long time building a rapport with the previous owners “He told myself and Ella that he had over 500 offers mainly from large investors but he didn’t want that. We explained that we are local and want to restore his home into a family home again.

Residents have poured in with comments of joy with one person saying “thank you, I shall look forward to it changing from the ugly duckling to a swan” and lots of locals excited to see the transformation.

The couple has been warmly welcomed by the neighbours on either side of the house who was “thrilled” and both excited to see the house, “change the look of the road” after so many years of embarrassment.

Darren and Ella hope to see this transformation complete in the next 3 or so months. They also welcome people to get in contact with them if they want to run things by them or would like some investment advice. You can contact them via their website HERE or Facebook page HERE