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Dmitrijs Meiksans announces bid to seek re- election as Member of Youth Parliament

Youth Parliamentarian Dmitrijs Meiksans has today announced his intention to seek re-election for the position of North West Hampshire’s Member of Youth Parliament. Dmitrijs has held the role for 3 years, after an extension from the original 2 years was agreed by Hampshire County Council due to the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dmitrijs says, “I am so proud of what I have been able to achieve during my first term,” said Dmitrijs, “and whilst the Coronavirus pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges to try and divert me off the path I was on prior to the pandemic, I was very lucky to have been able to adapt, and still engage with my constituents, in some cases even more than before March 2019.”

The Hampshire Youth Parliament is devised of six constituencies across the county, with a Member of Youth Parliament, and a Support Member of Youth Parliament at the helm for each constituency. Elections are occurring across the whole county, with all 12 seats up for grabs. Voting is primarily done in schools, colleges and educational establishments, with those out of education and home-schooled given the opportunity to vote should they wish to.

Over the course of his term, Dmitrijs has met a variety of stakeholders and given talks and presentations to local schools and colleges, to further engage young people with politics. “I get quite frustrated when young people themselves say that “politics isn’t for me” because it is for them, as they are simply the future – they are the future lawmakers, politicians, nurses, doctors, police officers and more, so why not be given a chance and opportunity to voice their opinions to ensure that their own future is shaped by them,” said Dmitrijs.

My stance on mental health has only been ignited further due to Coronavirus’ gloom and doom, as I have had the opportunity to give evidence to the House of Commons Education Committee, on the impacts of Covid on young people’s education, and I really highlighted the fact that young people’s mental health must be prioritised before catching up with education – because the school system is trying to make well-rounded human beings, not exam-taking robots.”

Schools and colleges that have registered for their students to vote have until the 6th December 2021 to cast their votes.

You can view Dmitrijs’ candidacy video