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Don’t just mooch, do a Mooch!

Learning how to build a website is a useful skill for business owners.

The owner of Mooch on Bridge Street in Andover has used her time in isolation to begin moving her store from solely shop front to incorporate online sales.

Georgina Roberts told Andover Radio earlier today, “I can’t see the social situation getting any better.

“So, I ummed and ahhed about doing a website, partially because I thought no one will have any money, but I had to make some changes to the business otherwise nothing will get better.

The shop owner has taught herself how to build a website and has been uploading photos writing copy and pricing products on her new website. “I have just chained myself to a computer for the past six days and have learned so much.”

The popular gift shop at the bottom of the high street sells candles, cards and clothing. But whereas she says, “it would be impossible to list every item” online, Georgina agrees “it was necessary to begin the process”.

“If you love what you do, like I do, you’ll find it’s not too difficult.

Talking of the current isolation situation, she says “I do miss talking to customers, it’s not the same talking on Facebook, but my message is try and keep going. We are all in the same boat. Businesses will struggle and people understand that.

“The government is trying to help but I am not sure it will be enough. But it’s important to just keep going.

‘George’ who opened the business in 2004 says it’s time for some businesses to look at their operation “slightly differently”. “It’s a good time to reflect and look at what you are selling, and what you could stop selling. Businesses need to keep changing really.

On launching the new website, she told Andover Radio, “It’s not been too difficult really.”

Georgina is using Shopify, a pre-packaged way to sell products online, but there are lots of alternative ways to put retail stock or sell products online:

“I have put lots of hours into it,” she says. Midway through a laugh, she adds, “But I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment.

“I thought now its the time to do it, having never built a website before there was a big steep learning curve for a couple of days, but I have had a fantastic reaction from people commenting on Facebook and have had several customers already.

“Keeping the momentum up is going to be a tricky one, but I think as it grows, word will get around.”


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