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Epic family adventure show coming to Andover this half-term!

The stage is set in Andover for an epic family adventure show, where Will Tell will face off against the Big Bad Baron this February half term. The show has been highly recommended by audiences and critics at the Edinburgh Fringe and will be in Andover next month.

This original show for families introduces a new legendary figure to British drama: the ‘Swiss Robin Hood’, Wilhelm Tell, who refused to bow down to a tyrant and famously had to shoot an apple off his child’s head with a crossbow as a punishment. Join plucky Will Tell as she sets off on a chivalric quest to rescue her legendary dad Wilhelm from the Big Bad Baron’s deepest darkest dungeon.

The show will begin at 11am on Monday, 12 February and the audience will then be taken on a good vs evil adventure, with slapstick, buffoonery, heroes fighting against injustice and plenty of satirical digs for mums, dads, grandparents and guardians to enjoy!

The show includes horse puppets, crossbows, tyrants, and pots and pans, yes… pots and pans!! There is just the right dose of comedy for young and old.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Throughout the show, the audience will have the opportunity to participate with Will & the Big Bad Baron, as well as other characters, making them an integral part of the experience. Whether it’s singing or dancing along to catchy tunes or joining in on hilarious skits, there’s plenty of interaction included!

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Don’t miss Will Tell & the Big Bad Baron at The Lights next month (Monday, 12 February at 11am). It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with the kids this half-term, enjoying an hour-long engaging performance. Tickets are available from The Lights Box Office on 01264 368368 or online here: