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Family Speechless At Headshave Surprise

As previously reported, over the last few weeks Sarah Maspero has been working to fundraise secretly for her best friend’s daughter Rae. Early in the summer, 14-year-old Rae found a cancerous lump which was, diagnosed as synovial sarcoma.

Along with others in the community, Sarah has been making cakes to auction and has worked hard to raise a total of £4430 for Rae as she had to start intensive chemo therapy and will need to spend Christmas this year in hospital miles away from home.

Sarah had another plan up her sleeve: to shave her thick auburn hair off and we can reveal that the deed has now been done.

Sarah visited Rae’s home, filming the announcement, Sarah revealed her shaven head to Rae and her mum Nicky, who were left speechless and totally overwhelmed.

Sarah said “Nothing is certain on this cancer journey. I hope it will help give Rae the Christmas she deserves”