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FEATURE: You might be older than your teeth

New Street Dental Care Teeth Andover

Did you know your teeth have only really evolved to last around 40 years?

That’s why it’s important to look after your smile, according to a leading Andover dentist.

Dr Julian Chen runs New Street Dental Care with his daughters Chloe and Clarissa. He works with an impressive team who get frequently asked “Do I seriously need all my teeth?

Dr Chen told local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio, “Sadly, our teeth can decay, and many people choose to have them taken out, instead of being repaired or replaced.

This is a short-term gain but long-term it becomes a loss, because we will be putting those strong biting forces on the remaining teeth, therefore wearing them out quicker.

“Once, we all accepted granny’s toothless smile, or her gleaming denture, but today many of us aspire to outlive our natural set of pearly whites.

Our teeth were only really designed to last us until about 40 years of age. Historically, we died before our teeth fell out.

So, according to Dr Chen, the answer is ‘Yes, we need our teeth!’

Thankfully, we are all living longer” says Dr Chen,  “And if you too aim for your teeth to last longer, then by opting to get them checked regularly you will help yourself achieve this.

New Street Dental Care are well known around Andover and are a gentle and compassionate team, offering ‘twenty-four-seven’ aftercare.

The team at Andover Radio are proud to be working with New Street Dental Care who can be contacted on Andover 301 301 or by visiting their website here.

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