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Finkley Down Farm announce a sad farewell to Holly

Finkley Down Farm sadly announced, on their Facebook page , that one of their beloved heavy horses, Holly the Shire cross Clydesdale has passed away after a short illness.

They share that, “Holly was born at the farm in December 2006. She lived a very happy, life of leisure with her best friend Benson and enjoyed seeing all of our visitors. Holly’s favourite time of day was the walk to the field at 3:30pm each day just so she could hold up the traffic under the railway bridge.”

“All of the staff loved Holly dearly, and enjoyed giving her and Benson little treats of carrot, apple and even polo mints. Somehow Holly would just know when we had a treat for her and she would peer over the wall at us. Holly’s passing has left a big hole in our hearts and needless to say Benson is having extra cuddles at the moment.”

Lots of messages of support have been sent to the staff at Finkley Down Farm.

Routine Riots who work with the staff at Finkley down farm during events , sent the staff a message, “So sorry guys, she’s beautiful!! Sending lots of hugs from the team”

Susan Mitchell said, “That’s very sad , I have been a visitor at the farm with special needs children and there families many times, and the children loved to see the big horses.”

Paige Bayliss said, “Such sad news, I knew and worked with her when she was about 2-5 years old, she was such a character and was a special horse. My thoughts are with you all .”

Joanna Courdelle said, “So sorry to hear this, she was so beautiful”

The team at LOVE Andover send the staff at Finkley Down Farm our condolences, Our love goes out to you.